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C.S. Sherin, MA, is a cross genre freelance writer and artist. Visit C.S.’s other sites:


Photo by Sue Zeng on Unsplash

by C.S. Sherin

Becoming a parent requires no license, education, or training. There are no standards for becoming a parent. There are no requirements. New parents aren’t required to know about: stages of development, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, budgeting, education, the diverse array of ways people best learn, psychology, genetics, stress reduction, diet, or even healthy stress management.

And yet, being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities a person can take on in life. A parent (or guardian or caretaker) is in charge of the well being, development, safety, and growth…

A Complete Guide For Healing And Letting Go Of Painful Memories And Unhealthy Habits Related To Relationships That Didn’t End Well

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

by C.S. Sherin

Married…happily ever after. Best friends…forever. Family first…and forever.
Community and religious belonging, passed on through generations, loyal for a lifetime and beyond.

These declarations of never-ending bonds can be inspiring and romantically appealing. Forever certainly is an ideal and fantasy upheld for each human child growing up, in various ways. We believe it. We seek it. It is an appealing promise.

So, when some of the promises and vows of eternal love, friendship, or faith end up being cut short, we may find ourselves facing a wall of negative emotions that bear down on us. We may…

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Musings inspired by watching Mystic Pizza, while living through current events of our era of myriad crises and an ongoing global pandemic…

I watched the movie Mystic Pizza the other night. This is a movie set in Mystic, Connecticut in the 1980s. “Mystic Pizza” refers to the pizzeria, in the movie, that coined its name with a clever play on the name of the town. The three main characters all work at the pizza place; two are sisters and the other is their closest friend. It is a movie about their love lives and their hopes, fears, and dreams about their careers, future, and what they really want , or can do, in life. While there is some inherent privilege, era-based viewpoints…

Photo by Glodi Miessi on Unsplash

Sitting with current events, “Finding Your Roots”, and “Slave Play” effects

So far, for Black History month, I have been taking the time each day to listen to Black Americans in various formats, and am sitting with what I hear, read, and learn. The following link is a part of what held my attention yesterday.

A recent post on comedian and actress Wanda Sykes’ Twitter profile by Now This featuring Congresswoman Cori Bush.

More on that later…

Here are some other links to a video and articles I have been sitting with:

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

2020 election results are revealing historic firsts and much more…

This article is updated as current election results and updates are made. Last updated: 23 November 2020

Seeing how close the election results are this year, after all the extreme stress and anticipation, well, the feelings that came over me were deep: disappointment, alienation, disgust, tiredness, and sadness. Knowing that there are way too many people (most of them white) who voted for Trump after the last four years is deeply disturbing. …

Album cover for Toaster Ghost’s debut “Electric Breakfast”.

The band Toaster Ghost is a sci-fi/psychedelic flavored indie rock band from the Driftless Area of western Wisconsin. They released their debut album “Electric Breakfast” this Summer, and Jeff Sherin, the guitarist, is here to introduce you to the new sounds and lots of other fun facts.

Make sure you don’t miss this band, and the joy their music can give you.

Tell us about yourself, Jeff…

Jeff: I am a lefty lead guitarist, amp enthusiast (Divided By 13 and Vox in particular), mystery box maker, and am known to multi-task during gigs by creating feedback and adjusting knobs during solos while also making burnt…

Shifting our thoughts and actions to create lasting change that contributes to the Common Good

Art by Warwick Goble, PD

After I earned my MA degree in Servant Leadership in the Spring of 2006, one of the major lessons that stayed with me was the understanding that real change — that is ethical and accountable, the kind that lasts — does not happen overnight, it takes time.

For an ethical leader (and the average person seeking to change destructive habits and live more ethically), this means being dedicated to the best possible outcome and positive impacts for all involved. It also means caring more about long-term results than about immediate satisfaction. …

Photo by Abhijeet Soman on Unsplash

Starving marine life, and everything you need to know about sustainable seafood — if there is such a thing anymore…

There are devastating impacts from overfishing and farmed fish upon wildlife and our marine ecosystems. As we look at these issues, keep in mind that overfishing and factory fish farms (aquaculture) make all the other problems even more stressful and devastating. Sadly, the beautiful ocean of this Earth has become an extremely stressful home for marine life.

While humans may not live in the ocean, our lives depend upon the ocean as well. If the ocean life cannot survive, we won’t be able to either. …

Current Movements, Realities, And Options Related To Sustainable, Ethical Fashion

markusspiske on pixabay

Exactly a week ago the United Nations Environment Assembly launched the “UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion” in Nairobi, Kenya. Its goals are to end the environmental and socially destructive aspects of the fashion industry at large. This new alliance welcomes other organizations to collaborate for the cause. For example, UN Environment is pushing for governments to adopt and maintain sustainable manufacturing practices. The International Trade Centre plans to promote fashion artisans from the developing world. The Food and Agricultural Organization plans to facilitate the use of sustainable oceanic materials for fashion, which they call “Blue Fashion.” …

Facebook Isn’t Really Free — You Pay With Your Most Valuable Currency!

Image by Geralt on Pixabay

I left Facebook (FB) back in June of 2018 — not long ago. In fact, I would like you to appreciate the fact that I left about a month before my birthday. I did that purposefully, and I am glad I did. For those familiar with that particular hook that keeps many in FB, it is the ego gratification of 50–100s of birthday greetings from “friends.” What I discovered is that the people I am truly close to found a way to wish me a happy birthday without FB — go figure.

Leaving, for me, wasn’t just about privacy issues

C.S. Sherin

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