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A Complete Guide For Healing And Letting Go Of Painful Memories And Unhealthy Habits Related To Relationships That Didn’t End Well

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Musings inspired by watching Mystic Pizza, while living through current events of our era of myriad crises and an ongoing global pandemic…

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Sitting with current events, “Finding Your Roots”, and “Slave Play” effects

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2020 election results are revealing historic firsts and much more…

Album cover for Toaster Ghost’s debut “Electric Breakfast”.

Tell us about yourself, Jeff…

Shifting our thoughts and actions to create lasting change that contributes to the Common Good

Art by Warwick Goble, PD

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Starving marine life, and everything you need to know about sustainable seafood — if there is such a thing anymore…

Current Movements, Realities, And Options Related To Sustainable, Ethical Fashion

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Facebook Isn’t Really Free — You Pay With Your Most Valuable Currency!

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C.S. Sherin

C.S. Sherin, MA, is a cross genre freelance writer and artist. Visit C.S.’s other sites:

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